Meet The Heirlooms We Made For Laura

Laura came to me to create a ring for an oval emerald and several accent diamonds that were set in a ring that her mother gave her for her 16th birthday.

Sadly, Laura’s mom passed unexpectedly at a young age. While the ring meant the world to Laura, it was not practical for every day wear so it sat in her jewelry box and was brought out only for special occasions. That is until she met me!   Fortunately I had already made several pieces of jewelry for her (via her boyfriend) so she was comfortable to give me this sentimentally precious piece for redesign.

Laura  knew what she liked. She wanted the emerald set in a yellow gold solitaire that she could wear on the forefinger. She has contemporary taste and wanted a sleek yellow gold design.


For the accent diamonds, we decided to make a pinky ring in white gold with the diamond pave set across the top.

I carefully removed the stones, valued the gold and proceeded to make two rings for Laura. We also added “Love, Mom” to the inside of the emerald ring. She was thrilled with the results and now has two pieces she can wear daily to look at and remember her beloved mom.


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