About Susan

As CEO & Founder of Grants Jewelry, a personal jeweler in the heart of New York’s Diamond District, I am fortunate to spend my days bringing clients’ dreams to life. Customers come to me with a vision, the spark of an idea, and we work together to craft a unique, special piece of jewelry that embodies dreams and desires. It could be an engagement ring, or a special pendant. It might be a bracelet, or a mother’s necklace. Grants Jewelry creates signature pieces that embody memories and emotion, pieces that go on to become family heirlooms.

It wasn’t always this way. More than 30 years ago, I arrived in New York City with a dream and the determination to make that dream come true. I knew that the loose polished diamond industry was my passion, and I was prepared to do whatever it took to become an expert diamantaire. That was no easy feat in the male dominated world of diamonds, but that did not stop me. From my roots as a door-to-door salesperson. I would go to the top floor of a jewelers building on 47th street and knock on every door, introducing myself with parcels of diamonds in hand and the resolve to make a sale. I made lifelong relationships, learned invaluable lessons, and broke into the diamond business.

In 1990, I founded S & G Star Corporation, still a worldwide supplier of polished diamonds. More recently, I started focusing on my eye for design and the ability to create beautiful jewelry. I have and continue to forge relationships with craftspeople and suppliers that help me make dreams come true. Perhaps the most valuable skill is my ability to listen and more so, to hear between the lines. How to understand customers, and how to network with suppliers. Combining skills, passion, and referrals, my retail business continues to grow, and now I am a global personal jeweler. I take great pride in the fact that customers return time & again.

I’m deeply passionate about women in business. I learned a great deal about that during my time at Harvard Business School and continue networking with fellow alumni and supporting their efforts. I’m also a believer in investing deeply in company culture to build an organization that lasts. I strive to create a warm and inclusive, high performing working environment that redefines retail business.

On the occasions you catch me outside of work, I’m enjoying refuge on Cedar Lake, or networking with the Harvard Business School’s Women’s Club of New York. My husband is a Luthier, so we frequently travel to Guitar Expos, and enjoy the music scene in NYC. We also enjoy travel expeditions with friends. I look forward to meeting you!

Susan Grant
Owner, CEO and President