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1st century BC garnet necklace via The Met.jpg

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1st century BC garnet necklace via The Met.jpg


The Ring of My Dreams

Thank you again for giving me the ring of my dreams.

The sheer volume of accolades….

The sheer volume of accolades we have received on Sheila's necklace…

Working with Susan was wonderful…….

“Working with Susan was wonderful, she is incredibly creative.…

Susan you are an artist!

I recently had my yellow diamond wedding ring re-designed by…

Maggy & Corey, CA

I would recommend Susan & Grants Jewelry without hesitation, 1000x over. She became a trusted adviser as we worked to craft a highly-customized engagement ring and was extremely patient and attentive as we weighed numerous options.

Quality Product and Superior Service

Susan at Grants Jewelry consistently provides expert consultation…

I absolutely LOVE it.

Its 1000x better than the one I told him I liked.

Grand Slam

Hey Susan, Got the ring. As always, grand slam. I love it and so does Jen. I couldn't wait. Already gave it to her. Thanks a million. Dan Brooklyn, NY

This is really happening!

MY HEART IS BEATING OUTTA MY CHEST! The ring has arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you so much again and again and again. I'll be in contact about a wedding band 😉 This is really happening! 😉

Exactly What He Imagined

Susan, with Grants Jewelry, created a bridal ring set that was more beautiful than I ever could have dreamed. She worked closely with my husband through the engagement planning process to ensure that my engagement ring was exactly what he imagined it to be.
Sedas Heart Earrings

I simply won’t take them off ….

Omg, Susan! These amazing earrings are beyond gorgeous! I simply won't take them off .... Kenny is not too happy that I have slept with them on the last 2 nights!!! LOL.!!! What an memorable mother's day I have had. I absolutely LOVE them, thank you so very much.

I can’t believe it’s mine.

I just got my ring................ It's STUNNING! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I can't believe it's mine. Thank you so much! It's perfect! You did a beautiful job. I can't get over how pretty it is...I love it!!!!

Perfect, new, sparkly and shiny

The ring has a arrived and it's magnificent it looks as perfect, new, sparkly and shiny as the day Jim gave it too me:) I just wanted to thank you both so much for everything you have done for us. You have gone above and beyond in so many ways!