Date Ideas To Make Your Valentine Swoon

While some people have had their plans in place for months, there are others of us who are starting to get a little nervous.  After all, Valentine’s Day is in only SIX days, and there’s a lot of pressure to make it the perfect evening for your significant other.  If you are one of the procrastinators, don’t stress – Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

  1.  Recreate your first date.  Tap into your memory bank, and go on your first date all over again.  This could mean going back to the same restaurant (make a reservation today!) or cooking the same meal you ate that night.  Or taking a walk past the place you went on your first few dates while talking about the early days of your relationship.  Get the same flowers, wear the same shirt – You get the idea!
  2. Start The Night With A Wine & Chocolate Sunset. Find a romantic vantage point, grab a bottle of vino and some glasses, and indulge in a box of decadent chocolates.  Be sure to tell your significant other to bundle up if necessary, and bring a blanket to share.  Extra touch – plan a romantic soundtrack to play while you watch the sun go down.

    Sunset at The Rowing Pond

  3. Take A Winery or Brewery Tour.  Most tours will be followed by a tasting.  Try new local vintages, or travel a bit to try something new.  Bonus:  Get a bottle of your favorite for later in the evening, or as a keepsake for your significant other.

    Winery Tours

  4. Plan A Day of Fun.  Who says your date has to take place in the evening?  Especially if you plan to celebrate over the weekend, why not make a day of it?  If you are nature lovers, plan a hike & a picnic. Action and Adventure seekers?  Think paintball or rock climbing.  Or explore your town as a tourist would, and take advantage of walking tours or foodie tours.

Now that you have some ideas, get planning!  Whatever you do, don’t forget the perfect gift.  Diamond Essentials and Fine Jewelry are still available – find earrings, pendants, bracelets and more for any style and every budget.  Call Susan today at (212) 398-1256 to be sure that your Valentine’s Day will sparkle and shine.

Gift Ideas for Your Valentine


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