Did you know that carrying something with your birthstone grants you divine protection and good fortune? Nestle Japan does, and they are using that knowledge to introduce a unique and indulgent concept, the Kit Kat Chocolatory Birthstone Series.

Kit Kat Chocolatory, Gemstone Chocolate, Nestle Japan

Kit Kat Chocolatory Logo

The series, available in Japan, will release gorgeous and limited edition bars with a color scheme and flavor profile themed after the birthstone of the month it’s releasing. Each one is topped with a dollop of chocolate and mini sugar pearls that resemble the stone itself!

Topaz Kit Kat, Chocolate, Gemstones, November, Topaz

Topaz Kit Kat

The first release in the series is for November’s stone, topaz. The roasted chestnut flavor has a pair of gold “topaz” gems as accents.

A new flavor will be available each month. The roster after this month:

December: Tanzanite (purple sweet potato)
January: Garnet (raspberry)
February: Amethyst (honeysuckle)
March: Aquamarine (grapefruit mint)
April: Diamond (rum raisin)
May: Emerald (pistachio)
June: Blue Moonstone (coconut)
July: Ruby (tomato)
August: Peridot (lemon)
September: Sapphire (blueberry)
October: Tourmaline (peach)

Birthstone Kit Kat Spectrum, Gemstones, Chocolate, Grants Jewelry

Birthstone Kit Kat Spectrum

These combinations actually do sound pretty good… Well, maybe not July. We’ll have to wait for the reviews on tomato and chocolate. . . .

The Kit Kat Chocolatory is a specialty Kit Kat shop supervised by renowned chef Takagi Yasumasa. The level of consideration that goes into ingredients and recipes makes these Kit Kat bars premium candies.

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode

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