Alexandrite…..The Gem of Royalty and Wonder

At Grants Jewelry, we believe Alexandrite, June’s exquisite and optically unique birthstone, doesn’t get the attention it deserves. That’s why we’ve put together these captivating facts about this remarkable gemstone for you to enjoy.

A Color-Changing Phenomenon

This magical gemstone changes color depending on the light source it is exposed to, making it a true marvel of nature. In daylight or fluorescent light, it appears green to bluish-green. While under incandescent light, it shifts from red to purplish-red. This optical phenomenon is due to the complex way the gemstone absorbs light.

This 7.19-carat alexandrite was cut to feature its beautiful color change. When the light source changes from daylight to incandescent light, the gem’s color changes from bluish-green to reddish purple. Photos courtesy of GIA
Even in its rough form, this 70.94-carat alexandrite shows attractive color change. Photos courtesy of GIA

Discovery and Rarity

Discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the early 1830s, Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Its scarcity is due to the specific geological conditions required for its formation, making high-quality specimens highly prized and sought after.

Ural Mountians, Russia. Photos courtesy of Wikipedia-

Historical Significance

Named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Alexandrite is often associated with Russian royalty. Its discovery coincided with the Tsar’s coming of age, adding to its historical and cultural significance. Alexander II was born in 1818 and came of age at 16, around the time of the gemstone’s discovery. As a result, Alexandrite became a symbol of both the Tsar’s future reign and the prosperity of the Russian Empire.

Portrait of Grand Prince Alexander Nikolaevich in 1830. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia-by Franz Krüger

Characteristics of this Unique Gem

Most Alexandrites cut for jewelry are usually less than one carat in size. This 0.65-carat gem has a triangular cut. Photos courtesy of GIA

                      Symbolism and Meaning

Alexandrite is coupled with embracing change. Their color-changing phenomenon symbolizes adaptability and the acceptance of change, teaching us to see the beauty in transformation and to embrace life’s varying circumstances with grace. Its optical variability encourages a mindset of flexibility and openness to new experiences, reminding us that change can lead to new and beautiful perspectives. It is believed to bring balance and stimulate the imagination making it a cherished gemstone for those born in June.

Contact us to explore these exquisite gemstones firsthand. We can help you uncover the allure of Alexandrite and allow its enchanting charm to brighten your life.

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Susan and the team at Grants Jewelry

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