Your Signature Jewelry Style

Discovering Your Signature Jewelry Style: A Personal Jeweler's…

Hello Spring!

Congratulations on your engagement Connie and Nick!
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On Every Wish List This Year: Black Diamonds

Called edgy, chic and mysterious - the black diamond adds something special to diamond jewelry. Learn about the carbonado, or black diamond that is on everyone's wish list this year, and find the perfect black diamond holiday gift for someone special.
Diamond Rain

Diamond Rain In The Forecast

Stanford University researchers have discovered that the depths of the "ice giant" planets are perfect for the formation of diamonds.
Diamond in Lab Xray

A Dog’s Appetite for Diamonds

Recently, British Couple Charlie Jackson and his wife Carol noticed…

The Jewelry of The Art Deco Period

"It was the style of the flapper girl and the factory, the…

April’s Birthstone: One In A Million

Why Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend It probably has something…

This Stadium Proposal Almost Ended In Disaster!

We love a good proposal story.  Luckily, our engagement ring…

The Blue Moon Diamond

Last week I attended a GIA Alumni Lecture, The Tale of the Blue…

Yes, You Should Insure Your Engagement Ring (And Other Valuable Jewelry).

Congratulations on your engagement!  As a newly-engaged bride-to-be,…

Diamond Authenticity

In this age of synthetic, lab-grown diamonds, transparency…