Diamond in Lab Xray

A Dog’s Appetite for Diamonds

Recently, British Couple Charlie Jackson and his wife Carol noticed her engagement ring was missing.  When the accompanying wedding ring was found on the floor, their search led them to their 9 month old dog, Bear.  A trip to the veterinarian and some X-rays confirmed that confirmed that the ring was indeed in black labrador’s belly!  The pooch had swallowed the GIA-graded, brilliant-cut, 1.3-carat, G-color, VVS1-clarity Forevermark diamond after snatching it from the couple’s bedroom.

Interestingly, the stone itself was not visible on the X-Ray.  Carbon appears transparent on X-rays, so only the outline was visible.

Luckily this tale has a happy ending – Diamonds, having no sharp ends, are relatively harmless for a dog’s insides.   The ring came out naturally, and Charlie was quick to add that the ring, while in perfect condition, was still being cleaned by their jeweler!

Charlie Jackson and Bear, The Lab Who Ate A Diamond

Charlie Jackson and Bear, The Lab Who Ate A Diamond

Source: Rapaport News

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