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Halloween Is Nearly Here

Halloween is generally accepted as being the pagan New Year.  Next week, trick or treaters will set out to collect candy and other treats, and this weekend will mark the culmination of many month long Haunted Attractions.

If you are one who believes in such things, this is considered the time of year when the veil between the spirit world and the living world is at its thinnest. A night when ghosts come back to visit us and witches work their magic to communicate with the spirit world.

Gemstones have a long association with witchcraft.  Gemstones are believed to hold power and energy that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as healing, protection and to ward off evil, and the aforementioned communication with the spirits.

Here are some of the magical powers that popular stones are believed to hold.

Amber is thought to be a guide or a light for the dead as they progress through the underworld.

Andalusite is believed to allow communication with the dead.

Citrine, Grants Jewelry

Photographed from the GIA Collection for the CIBJO project. Group of five cut citrines.

Carnelian was supposedly used by the Egyptian goddess, Isis, to protect the dead on their journey through the afterlife. Now it is thought to appease evil spirits.

Citrine is thought to provide protection from evil thoughts. It’s oranges and yellows are very “Halloween-y” too!

Spinel Macle, GIA Collection, Grants Jewelry

Spinel Macle, GIA Collection

Spinel is believed to react to supernatural powers, allowing you to identify witches and others with powers -they are thought to shake uncontrollably when near a hidden spinel.

Gemstones are thought to possess individual energies. They can carry they energies of past owners.  It follows therefore that a very old, ancient, or family heirloom gemstone should really be treasured. Who knows what powers and wisdom it might hold!

Lavender Sapphire and Pink Spinel Earrings

Lavender Sapphire and Pink Spinel Earrings

You don’t need to believe in witchcraft to enjoy the gemstones listed above.  You can find numerous pieces of fine jewelry using these and other stones in the Fine Jewelry collection on the website.

Sources:  Gemselect & GIA

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