14k White Gold Custom Diamond Chain 7338-42

Every diamond tells a story, and this necklace speaks volumes.

Featuring truly exquisite hand workmanship, this one-of-a-kind statement piece can be worn with every style, for any occasion.



This custom masterpiece features 38 eclectic diamonds in handmade bezels, arranged at equal intervals around two strands of white gold.

The diamonds are natural fancy colors, treated fancy colors and white diamonds of various sizes and shapes, totaling 18.54 carats. There are 18 “white” or colorless diamonds ranging in size from .18 carats to 1.03 carats.  They are rated from G – J on the GIA color scale, and from VS – I on the GIA clarity scale.

A range of 20 fancy colored diamonds include yellows, greens, blue greens and browns. They range in size from .16 carats to 1.33 carats.

Each bezel was made by hand, and they vary in color and shape. Two vintage style chains offer the versatility of wearing as a long necklace or in several strands by virtue of its extra length. The two chains have a combined length of 44 inches. One necklace is 20” and the other is 24”. They link together to form one long chain that can be doubled or tripled, or left apart for layering. The hand crafted chains connecting the diamonds secure with hand-made clasps.

The finished necklaces weigh a total of 9.6 grams.

Additional information

Weight 50621649 g