Is custom jewelry expensive?

Custom jewelry can be very affordable as it is based on your budget. Since we have direct control over what costs go into the piece, we can actually save you money over designer jewelry.

Do I have to be a jewelry designer to have a ring custom designed?

Not at all! We are the expert jewelry designers; you are the expert in what you like. By coming together, we can create something magical. You give us an idea of what you want and we bring it to life.

What if I don’t know what I want?

We can help you find your perfect design by looking at what you like and putting together something just for you. Though most people just see the piece as a whole, creating jewelry is like a buying a car with many smaller choices to choose from.

What style should I choose?

Don’t limit your options by buying from a jewelry store that only sells from what they have on hand. Let us make something special for you that nobody else has.Jewelry is a form of art that reaches a new level with the today’s technology. We can make your vision become a reality.

What is redesigned jewelry?

When redesigning jewelry, we rework an existing piece of jewelry while using existing gems, diamonds and gold or platinum. In this process, you can add gems or even leave off some of the gems you already have. Clients may choose to redesign if a piece is worn out, to upgrade a current design or if they don’t love the style of a sentimental piece.

How do you make the jewelry?

The process of making jewelry involves many steps.  First a design is made on paper and then transferred into a computer-aided design program (CAD).  From there a wax model of the piece is made. The wax is then put into a mold of plaster that is heated. This melts off the wax and creates negative space for the metal to be poured into.  The plaster is then broken away and the jewelry is casted in what is called the lost wax jewelry process.  Once we have the casting, we select the proper diamonds for the piece.  Our jeweler then sizes the piece, sets the stones, and polishes the final product.

Is buying from a jeweler better than mass-produced jewelry from a big name company?

We work hard to make sure the answer is yes. We have seasoned gemologists, trained jewelry designers and amazing bench jewelers all collaborating to design the best jewelry. With the highest quality metals and diamonds, our designs are made to last. With each piece bearing our name, our jewelry goes through a strict quality assurance to ensure it is perfect.

Can I have my jewelry made in platinum?

Yes, you can have your jewelry made in platinum, 14 or 18 karat gold.  If you are allergic to some types of gold we can work with you to find another metal that works for you.

Custom design sounds very complicated?

We make custom design look easy. We ask questions about what you want and use our experience and knowledge to make that happen. If you don’t like white gold that looks yellowish, we know how to fix that. If you don’t want the ring to slide around, we can fix that. Custom design is about the jewelry you love. Leave it up to us to work out the details to make your dreams come true.

I scratched my ring, what do I do?

As your personal jeweler, we will take care of all your jewelry needs.  Grant’s Jewelry offers jewelry inspection and cleaning for no charge.  We will even check your diamond’s mounting and setting and tighten if necessary. With proper care and maintenance, your diamond jewelry will last a lifetime. We also do jewelry repair, and resizing for a small fee plus shipping costs. We are happy to re-polish engagement rings with wedding bands to look spectacular for your wedding day.

Do your diamonds come with certificates?

Yes!  We mostly use GIA & EGL certificates that provide all possible information about the diamond.

Does an appraisal come with my purchase?

Yes!  Grants Jewelry provides a FREE appraisal with every piece of jewelry we make.  The appraisal is intended for insurance purposes only.

What is your return policy?

At Grant’s Jewelry, we stand behind all of our custom design work and the quality of jewelry we make. We’ll inspect and clean your purchase for no charge for as long as you own it.  We will do everything possible to guarantee that all of our products and services meet your expectations each and every time.

Do you have a store where I can come see your merchandise?

We do not have a traditional store, but are happy to welcome you to our office in Manhattan.  We would be happy to meet, discuss your ideas and show you some samples. Just call (212) 398-1256 or email  [email protected] to set up an appointment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]