Engin and Duygu…. Their Life Together Begins!

When Engin came to my showroom in NYC for the first time, he knew what he wanted for Duygu’s diamond engagement ring. His sister and mom accompanied him for support, but he had already learned about the 4C’s of diamonds and he had pictures of rings that she liked and a metal in mind.
And we did it!
As for the wedding band, Duygu knew what she wanted as well. A wide diamond encrusted band.
My cad team made the models to their specs and, once approved, the rings were created. They both gave me their input and the direction I needed to make them a beautiful engagement set that they can enjoy and cherish for years to come.
In August, they celebrated the their first wedding ceremony with family in Turkey, The second wedding is coming soon!
It was a pleasure working with them! Congratulations Duygu and Engin! 

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