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18K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Band 1116-13 7368

Sea of Dreams Ring in Rose Gold 2020-13

Platinum Diamond & Green Tsavorite Cocktail Ring 1295-13 / 7638-13

Starburst Pink Sapphire Ring 7083-DG-18kwg

Vivid Velvety Blue Sapphire Ring 1974-13

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Dusted Thick Ring 2084-13

18K White Gold and Diamond Trellis Eternity Band 1142-12 7398

The Classic Emerald & Diamond 3 Stone Ring 1323-13 7525

Two Tone Oval Diamond Eternity 1066-7468-12

Handmade Exquisite Wedding Band 1157-12 7413

Diamond Eternity Band 1874-13

Carousel of Love 1437-13 7161

Infinite Knot Ring 1217-13 7554

Lucky Horseshoe Diamond Band 7441-13

Diamond Antique Style Parisian Cocktail Ring 2076-13

18K Yellow Gold Vintage Oval Pink Spinel Ring with Halo of Tsavorite & Custom Hand Engraved Detailing 1305-13 7648-13

Royalty Ring 7084-13DG

BedRock 6969-13DG

18 K White Gold and Diamond Lotus Flower Ring 1813-13

18k Dolcezza Diamond Ring 1588-13-6808

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby 6974-13DG

Siren Song Diamond Band 7265-12D-14kwg

Vintage Emerald Cocktail Ring With Diamond Band, 1967-13

Emerald Justice, 1969-13

Czarina’s Jacket, 7313-12-F-D-14kpg

14K White Gold Peridot Eternity Ring 1290-13 / 7633-13

Spheres of Sappheiros 7219-13-DG

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Band, 1939-13

Celestial 5 Square Halo Ring 1228-13 7566

Oh Cindy Lou; A Vintage-style Diamond Engagement Ring! 1159-11 7415

Diamond Cross Ring 1860-13

Calla Lily Diamond Ring with Green Garnet, 1577-13 7289

The Mermaid: An Aquamarine & Diamond Ring 1924-13

Elegant Halo of Diamonds Cocktail Ring 2078-13

Shimmering Leaves 7254-13D-14kyg

Rose Gold Stud Stackable Ring 1877-13

Diamond Eternity Wedding Band 7071-12

14kwg Three Row Diamond Eternity Band 1088-13 7336

Abstract Diamond Band 1984-13

14K Yellow Gold Two Bezel Diamond Stackable Ring 1875-13

14K Rose Gold Brilliance Statement Ring 2077-13

Tanzanite with Double Halo Diamond RIng 7085-13DG

Radiant Sappheiros 7220-13-DG

Empress Diamond Ring 1190-13 7485

Eye of the Tiger 1629-13 6857

Open Swirl Diamond Band 1287-13 7629

Swirling Sappheiros 7221-13-DG

Multi-Stone Diamond Ring with Floral Center Design 2053-13

Aquamarine Justice, 1940-13

My Two Daughters…..Infinity Eternity 7462-13