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April may be over, but by popular demand we have decided to continue our weekly specials.  Check back each Wednesday for a new special!

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And don’t forget that every Wednesday night is “Late Night” at Grants Jewelry!

Can’t schedule a consultation during the work day?  Every Wednesday evening Susan will be here until 8pm.  Call to set up an appointment and stop by after work, or after dinner – whatever works best for you!

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This Week’s Special

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Scalloped Diamond Medallion

Diamonds spray throughout the delicate petal design of this scalloped edge medallion.  Measuring 1.5″, this statement piece is sure to be noticed.  And with 150 natural round brilliant diamonds, there will be no way to miss the sparkling light it reflects!

Normally $4,400, on Wednesday it can be yours for only 3,999!

Click HERE for more details.

Take this One-of-a-Kind Pendant home today!  Contact Susan:  212-398-1256 or [email protected]

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Pomp & Circumstance

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, attention turns to the graduates.  From High School to College and beyond, they have worked hard to earn the recognition of a degree.  Mark this momentous achievement with a Diamond Essentials classic, or a piece of Custom Fine Jewelry.

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Diamond Essentials:

Affordable Luxury. Timeless Classics.  Sparkling Beauty.


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Fine Jewelry:

A Perfect Way To Express One-Of-A-Kind Style


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Contact Susan Today for Diamond Essentials or Fine Jewelry Purchases

212-398-1256 or [email protected]