This holiday season, Grants Jewelry, is giving back by donating to the Harvard Business School Women’s Fellowship Fund and other charities that are close to my heart. From November 15, 2023 through December 31,2023, when you shop the Fine Jewelry by Grants collection, you’re not just making a purchase of quality fine jewelry at a great price, your making a positive impact.

With every sale of from the Fine Jewelry by Grants Collection, we will give back.  You can choose from the following:

  1. A $100 donation to the HBSWA Scholarship fund.  Recognizing that many female students and alumni have enjoyed distinguished and fulfilling careers in business, the fellowship acknowledges and appreciates the specific challenges women may face in their path toward success. Through the fellowship, the donors commit to encouraging and supporting women in business. It is their hope that students’ positive experiences at HBS and the support of this fund will encourage other women to pursue an MBA at the School.
  2. A Holiday Popcorn Box to the Recipient of Your Choice from Popcorn for the People. $69 Gift Value and $31 donation to Popcorn for The People. Popcorn for the People was created by Let’s Work for Good Inc. to fill a gap in the employment market where disabled individuals can have respectable job opportunities, equitable pay, proper training, and employment resources. 100% of the profits of Popcorn for the People get reinvested back into our organization to increase out impact.  When you are donating to Popcorn for the People, you are directly helping us create a neurodiverse future and expanding our mission.  $69 Gift Value and $31 donation to Popcorn for the People.
  3. A $100 donation to NYC Second Chance Rescue. Our pets hold a special place in our hearts, and Second Chance Rescue works every day to help others find the pets that will complete their family. Their mission is to help create a world where animals are cherished, respected, and free from unnecessary suffering, and you can help us help them in that mission.




About Grants Jewelry

Grants Jewelry is dedicated to the art of fine jewelry that tells its own story through the brilliance of fine craftsmanship. With passion, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of fine gems, we work with our clients to find them jewelry that embodies their individuality, gives confidence, and makes them feel beautiful. Located in New York Cities famous Diamond District, Grants Jewelry carries a wide selection of jewelry ranging from the classics like diamond studs and bracelets to trending design and styles like earring dusters, and chokers. Browse some of our custom work here.

About Susan Grant, founder, and owner of Grants Jewelry LLC.

Being a board member of the Harvard Business School Women’s Association is rewarding and fulfilling work. I love it. It allows me to drive positive change, connect with inspiring individuals of all ages and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable business world.

It has been a momentous year for the club as we have transformed into a national organization. Now with communities and events spanning across the country, together we can help Harvard Business School Alumni even more! The Holidays are a perfect time to give to the HBS Women’s Fellowship Scholarship Fund.

Our entire team at Grants Jewelry is passionate about our pets – My fur kids include Franky the Chihuahua, Rosy the Black Lab, Henry the Tabby, Sara the Caramel Calico, Laura’s black beauty is Binx the cat, Mary Beth’s pups Bubba the tripod Pit Bull and Mando the AmStaff – we’ve all adopted our pets from various rescue organizations, so finding a rescue like Second Chance here in NYC made perfect sense.

I have known Steve for several years; he is a dedicated family man and successful businessman. His creation of Popcorn for the People is an effective way for disabled people to have the opportunity to work and have independence. He started Popcorn for the People in 2014 with his son, Samuel, who is autistic, because he wanted to create a workplace for disabled people that would give them a safe and friendly environment. A place that they can feel important and be a worthwhile employee at the same time. I am proud to support Popcorn for the People.

*Terms and conditions: From 11-15-2023 to 12-31-2023. With every purchase of finished Fine Jewelry by Grants collection that any customer makes at Grants Jewelry, we are donating $100 to the HBS Women’s Association Inspiration Fellowship or to another charity of your choice from the list above. Applies to Fine Jewelry by Grants found HERE.